Do you know your STOCK DESTINY

Every stock passes through its own time cycle. Buying or selling a stock without knowing its life cycle, pattern is suicidal.

Do, you know when your favourite stock, friendly stock, took birth? Before we get into the life cycle of any individual stock, commodity or currency lets understand the friendly stock first.

You find there are few stocks in your portfolio which always or most of the time brings profit for you, and other stocks always or most of the time makes loses. Why it’s happen? The reason behind it lies in you. Does it sound confusing? Ok, lets understand in much deeper way, the stock market is zero sum game, and each individual participate in the market with his unique behavioural pattern, your own vibrations, focus, energy, capital, risk appetite always differ from others, its unique by nature, the behavioural pattern and vibrations matches with the stocks, commodity or currency you trade become your friendly stocks.

So, the friendly stocks always differ from person to person, the stocks friendly to me, does not come up with your vibrations and nature of trading. That’s why, all market gurus fail sooner or later, all news channels and newspaper provide calls of buying and selling does not work with you in long run. I find, Sun pharma, TVS motor, Ethereum, Bank  nifty listen to me very carefully and follow my instructions acutely. What are your friendly stocks?  Or you are trading without knowing the simple fact of trading itself.

Let’s discuss the process of studying the time cycle of each Stocks commodity and currency, here we start discussing the Ethereum.

The above chart the pattern of ethereum is Monthly. Each individual bar represents monthly movement. It started trading on March 2016. And the 5 years cycle of ethereum is as follows…

13th March 2017 – It gave a break out of last 1 year

12th june 2017- It made a new high.

7th July 2017 – It made the local bottom

20th Nov 2017 – It gave another beakout

8th Jan 2018 – It made a high

2nd April 2018 – Made a local bottom

10th Dec 2018  –  Complete correction

24th June 2019 – Made local High

16th Dec 2019 – Local low

10th Feb 2020 – Local high

27th July 2020 – Another break out

1st Feb 2021 – Final break out

10th May 2021 – High


From this pattern we see, February, March, June, July and November and December are the important months for crypto currency, specifically for Ethereum.

It’s the effect of Summer solstice and lasting for minimum 5 months, 20 weeks till November.

If we study more acutely On weekly time frame 20 degree, 45 degree, and 60 degree are playing an important role, and allowing trader to take entry and exit decisions.

The important dates for Ethereum based on its time consumed on each segment of its circle are as follows,

  1. 4th july
  2. 10th July 2021
  3. 16th July 2021
  4. 22nd July 2021
  5. 28th July 2021
  6. 3rd August 2021
  7. 9th August 2021
  8. 15th August 2021
  9. 22nd August 2021
  10. 29th August 2021

These days are particularly of its 45 degree, 90 degree, 180 degree, 225 degree, 270 degree or 360 degree of its time movement, derived from analysing past data. So, conclusively, analysing its past behaviour and placement on its time cycle we can easily predict a stocks, commodity, currency or Crypto currencies future behaviour or placement in its future time cycle.

WD Gann used to apply amalgamation of all these findings, monthly cycle, weekly cycle, 10 year cycle, 5 year cycle, and  yearly time cycle to derive a conclusive trading decisions of its future movement and or placement in its time cycle, of Stocks, Commodity, and Currency and earned double or quadruple of his trading account in a very short period of time.