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We combine in-depth understanding of International market & investment strategies with traditional Indian mathematical science to recommend a solution that most suited and relevant to you.


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    We formulate the most diverse market research, and combine this with our own expertise, Time series, WD GANN, & Vedic Astronomy, to help you navigate financial market; equities, precious metals, Bond and foreign exchanges, and make the most of your investment. We are the only company in India and Abroad, who are expert at Time series, WD GANN and Vedic Astronomy to provide you the most accurate and unique forecasting strategies, that is unparalleled in the financial market. Our financial asset management involves innovative technologies with old school techniques provide more personalised investment solutions, that brings nearly 99% success ratio.


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    You invest for many reasons, some of you are rational, and most of you are irrational. If you know how to invest, trade, you can live your life at your own terms; you chose your own working hours, place and financial freedom. Our investment strategies with TIME CYCLE, GANN and VEDIC ASTRONOMY help you to earn 99 per cent in 99 days by forecasting the industry wise economic growth, or particularly forecasting the individual stocks movement, much prior to its actual happenings.

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    Asset Management is an art as well as a science; it’s the practice of increasing your total wealth over time by trading and investments. We, lumiere global asset management, the largest asset management firm in india help you in your portfolio, financial or fund management.

    Unlike any investment management firm in india or abroad, our analysis are based on most sophisticated and highly skilled mathematical & financial management techniques on X axis, that is time. You won’t see any financial management company available in india or abroad who provide or manage your portfolio on time, Here the entire financial management solutions, target, support or resistance comes in the form of time instead of price. As a result you see the market, economy, industry or individual stocks movement much prior to its actual happenings, which automatically resulted in a maximum profit. With such asset management strategies you can double or quadruple your investment account within a very shorter period of time.


    The prices of investment products fluctuate, sometimes dramatically. The price of investment products may move up or down, and may become valueless. It is as likely that losses will be incurred rather than profit made as a result of buying and selling investment products. The information produced by us is a study material.

    Before making any investment, you should seek independent financial, legal, tax and regulatory advice. In particular, we recommend you to seek advice regarding the suitability of the investment, taking into account your specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs, before you make a commitment to purchase any financial instrument.

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